Wednesday, November 11, 2009

the bain of most women's existance

In light of all the sensitivity that surrounds diets in general, I will say this about them:

Diets are what you eat the rest of your life. Meaning: You should provide enough room for the special occasions in your life where maybe you aren't served your regular yogurt and granola but Duck Confit with a wine sauce and lots of butter to finish it off(!)
Your diet should be something you enjoy, not what you dread to wake up to each morning and chase around your plate all day. I get so sad when I hear people at my work saying they need to go on diets when to most people a diet means eating those ridiculous cardboard rice cakes and salads for the next week and a half then going out and getting a burger, fries, and milk shake because they've been being "good" all week. I just went off on a tangent in my head and honestly I have a big bone to pick with the way diets have been manipulated in our culture to be a temporary money making schemes for big corporations fooling people into thinking they will achieve their goals in "just SIX HOURS!"....

I will try to do a couple posts this week and talk more about diets and my own personal diet (although I can't say I will come through on this promise as I am starting my LVN program soon). I recently became a "strict" vegetarian and figured I'd expound on that a little and what vegetarian means to me.


Amanda said...

Lots of food for thought here.

Sorry. Couldnt resist. Good luck and be well!


livin wide said...

thanks for stopping by and i completely agree - we should start a petition!

and i'm on my first diet now - it's definitely about not denying yourself things.